About Hell Scent Aromatherapy

Hell Scent Aromatherapy was spawned out of dissatisfaction with Essential Oil blends with names like Sleepytime. An experienced massage therapist with a cheeky alter ego,  Holly Lynn, LMT, decided it was time to unleash Sleepytime’s sassy, passive aggressive evil twin. 


The first blend with a name that stuck was “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” Then came "Calm the F*ck Down." Holly discovered people loved the added perk of sending a message with her creations, and realized there were other things that needed to be "said." She started blending.

All products are tested on & by real live people, usually friends. We never test on animals.  Products are small-batch, handmade and hand poured.

Whenever possible, Hell Scent sources materials and packaging from environmentally conscious companies based in the USA. We always use packaging that is made from recycled material and/or is easily reused or recycled. This means your products may be delivered in a shipping box that was previously used for another purpose or product. Please recycle or reuse our packaging material. See the FAQ for more details about our products, packaging and shipping.


Hell Scent is based in Orlando, Florida and Portland, Maine.